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Ceramic Accessory Pot

Ceramic Accessory Pot

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Ceramic Accessory Pot
White Stoneware With Original INI CERAMIQUE's Cream Glaze

We are thrilled to introduce our brand new tableware collection! Here is our ceramic accessory pot. It can be used as a toothbrush holder, a pencil box or you can use is any way that you want! It is handmade in our studio, following a craftsmanship process and is finished with an original cream colored glaze, on the inside and outside.
Its high temperature two firings ensures a more durable and resistant item.

- Stoneware fired at high temperature finished with original cream glaze.
- Handmade in our studio in France. Since each piece is unique and handmade, the shapes and glazes patterns may slightly differ from one pot to another.
- Please note that due to the light color finishing subtle marks may appear, showcasing in a nice way the effect of time.

H: 9 CM / L: 8.5 CM / W: 5 CM
H: 3.5 INCH. / L: 3.3 INCH. / W: 2 INCH.

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