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Set Of 2 Ceramic 'Tulip' Bowls

Set Of 2 Ceramic 'Tulip' Bowls

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'Tulip' Ceramic Bowls Set of 2
White Stoneware With Original INI CERAMIQUE's Cream Glaze

We are thrilled to introduce our brand new tableware collection! Here is our 'Tulip' bowl, sold as a 2 pieces set. Perfect for breakfast or dessert, it is handmade in our studio, following a craftsmanship process and is finished with an original cream colored glaze, on the inside and outside of the bowl.
Its high temperature two firings ensures a more durable and resistant item.

- Stoneware fired at high temperature finished with original cream glaze.
- Handmade in our studio in France. Since each piece is unique and handmade, the shapes and glazes patterns may slightly differ from one cup to another.
- Please note that due to the light color finishing subtle marks may appear, showcasing in a nice way the effect of time.

H: 6 CM / Ø 13 CM
H: 2.5 INCH. / Ø 5 INCH.

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