INI CERAMIQUE is a handmade ceramics studio based in Bourgogne, France, founded by our designer, Inhee Ma. Her ceramics work aims to create decorative pieces, such as vases, teapots, cups, bowls or plates. Through the development of collections built around a minimalist wabi sabi aesthetic, her creations generate a dialogue between craftsmanship, art and nature.

Graduated from the Ecole Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Montpellier, Inhee Ma is from South Korea and is developing a multidisciplinary activity, combining contemporary art, design and crafts. The INI CERAMIQUE collections emerge from the association between aesthetic inspiration and the functionality of everyday objects.

All INI CERAMIQUE pieces are handcrafted by the designer, in her workshop. In chamotte stoneware, they are then fired at high temperature and present a contrast between a shiny transparent glazed interior and a raw exterior emphasizing the natural texture of the clay.


What are your INI CERAMIQUE’s inspirations? 
As a graduate of Beaux-Arts in Montpellier, I am essentially influenced by contemporary and classic art, traditional craftsmanship and the beautiful complexity of nature. I then seek to build a bridge connecting these disciplines and the conception of my collections, aiming to offer simple design in my ceramics and pottery.

What type of products do you make? 
My work is centered around the creation of decorative pieces. I like to play with the functionality of the object and its materialization, whether in terms of texture or form. While my current collection includes a series of handmade minimal flower vases, I am currently developing a tableware line, such as teapots, bowls and plates that I hope will find their place in any interior design. 

What about shipment? Do you ship worldwide? Do you offer free shipping?
We do ship worldwide! We offer free shipping in all EU countries for any order over 80€ (20€ otherwise). In all other countries, shipping is free in for any order over 300€ and is 50€ otherwise.

What is the production time for INI CERAMIQUE? Do you have any items currently in stock?
I work on a permanent collection concept for my vases. If we do have in stock the product you want to order, we will ship it to you within 2 working days. If this product happens to be currently out of stock, we gently ask you to wait for 10 days. This is the time we need to start the handmade production process and complete it in our studio in Bourgogne, France, until the vase is ready to be shipped to your destination.
Also please note that for the unique pieces, only one item is available, meaning that once it is sold, it unfortunately won’t be possible for us to produce another one.

Are you sensitive to ethical and environmental issues and how do you apply it to your creations? 
My products are entirely handmade according to an craftsmanship process which imposes an acceptance of time and its effects. In an uncertain period marked by the frantic pace of information and sometimes irresponsible consumption, I embrace the slowing down of the production process and hope to share these values with my customers. I also have excluded any plastic material from my packaging and pay particular attention to delivering packages that are both aesthetic and eco friendly.

Do you have a favorite material? If yes which ? 
Attentive to provide a sustainable offer, I only use high quality stoneware which natural features ensure more durable and resistant items. We also prefer chamotte clay for the natural raw texture it offers after firing. This is, for instance, why I leave the outside of my creations raw and only glaze the inside of my vases.